Admissions For I – X

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Notification for application form and registration is given in the local news papers in the month of November/December for the Academic year beginning in the mid March every year.
Application form and prospectus are issued at the school office between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Best CBSE School
The application form, complete in all respects is to be registered in the school office within the prescribed time.
For Nursery , LKG & UKG : Nursery is the entry point to the school. Admission to the Nursery, LKG & UKG classes depends upon the number of vacancies, class composition and the guidelines set by the Admission committee. Admission to these classes is on the basis of the personal interview of the child and Parents.
For Class I and above : Admission to these classes is on the basis of vacancy position. Short listed candidates are required to write a proficiency test to assess the candidate’s readiness level for the class applied for. Admission is offered on the basis of the student clearing the proficiency test.Vacancy position, class composition and the other guidelines set by the Admissions Committee.
Procedure :

  • One application formis applicable for one student only.
  • An authentic certificate of Date of Birth is an essential requirement.
  • Registration is no guarantee for admission. Students are admitted on the basis of Merit.
  • Pupils coming from a recognized school must produce the school leaving certificate or Transfer certificate. In case of inter state transfers, the certificate should be counter signed by theDEO/DSEof schools
  • Students seeking admission into class IX / X must produce a certificate that they have studied any two Indian languages (one of them atleast Hindi / Sanskrit) in addition to English.
  • The enrollment form and other necessary papers must be filled in with utmost care by parents only. The details once recorded in the form cannot be changed later.
  • Registration and Admission fees, once paid are non-refundable..
  • Registration is valid till the prescribed time.
  • Admission will not be completed unless the following certificates in original are scrutinized by the Admission Committee.
    Transfer certificate
    Date of Birth certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation
    Conduct Certificate – issued by the previous school – incase of Class 1 and above.
    Community Certificate – issued by the Mandal Revenue Officer concerned
    Progress Report – issued by the previous school.
    Two recent passpost size photographs
  • Medical certificate / clinical Psychologist Report of the child (where applicable)
  • Proof of siblings (where applicable)
  • Acopy of academic certificates of parents

Withdrawal: Management Reserves the right to remove the children on the following grounds

    • Indiscipline by student or parent
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  • Irregular attendance
  • Failing twice in the same class
  • Unsatisfactory Performance / Progress.
  • If the parents want to withdraw their ward/ wards from the Best CBSE school in mid of the academic session for any reason, they must apply for the withdrawal in writing in prescribed formant clear all the fees dues for the rest of the academic session..
  • If the parents want to withdraw their ward / wards from the school at the end of the academic session for any reason they must apply for the withdrawal in prescribed formon the day of the Annual results or before the start of the next academic session failing which the parents have to pay the complete session’s fee..
  • In both the casesTransfer Certificate will not be issued until prescribed fee is paid.

Mode of payment :

  • All fee is payable through Bank.
  • Outstation Cheques, will not be accepted.
  • The last date for payment of fee is on or before 12th of the first month of each term.
  • First Term : March to June
  • Second Term: July to October
  • Third Term : November to February
  • Note: For New admission the first term is – the time of admission.
  • If the fee is not paid before the due date, the following amount will be collected towards late fee.
  • First 10 days after the last date : Rs.50/-
  • 11th day onwards till the end of the first month of the Term : Rs. 100/-
  • After the end of the first month of the term:@Rs. 100/- per month till the end of theTerm.
  • If the fee with fine is not paid by the end of the Term, the pupil’s name will be struck off from the school rolls. The student will be readmitted only after obtaining permission from the Principal with a charge fee of Rs. 1000/- for re-admission.
  • Fee Challan will be supplied to the parents in advance by the Accounts incharge.
  • The date of realization of the cheque will be treated as date of payment. If the cheque is dishonoured and payment is not made before the due date, late fee will be charged as prescribed. Additional amount of Rs 500/- be collected for dishonoured Cheques.
  • Parents will retain their copy of the fee challan with them and produce it as and when required by the Accounts’ Department for verification.
  • Cheques duly crossed should be drawn in favour of Hindu Public School (for I to X class) and in favour of Swami Vivekananda Seva Samiti EducationTrust (for Pre-Primary classes)
  • Parents have the option for depositing the fee for the whole year in advance if they find it more convenient.
  • Parents opting school Bus facility must apply for the same in the prescribed transport application formduly available in the office along with the admission application form.Payment ofTransport fee should be made on terminal basis according to the fee fixed as per the route, along with the admission fee. For any change in the route for any reason, must be intimated in the office in writing. After the approval by the Principal only then the change is applicable till then no change is entitled.

Age Criteria :
For admission into the Pre-Primary classes, the guideline being followed with regard to minimum age is considered as on 30th June of the academic year as given below.

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Pre-Primary /Class -I Minimum Age (in years)
Pre-Primary -I ( Nursery) 2 years 6 months
Pre-Primary -II ( LKG) 3 years 6 months
Pre-Primary-III (UKG) 4 years 6 months
Class -I 5 years 6 months

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