Co-curricular or Extra Curricular Activities

CCA Activities

The school offers a large variety of CCA activities / extra curricular activities that forman integral part of the school curriculum.

Games, sports, karate, yoga, NCC are a part of Co-curricular activities, for physical fitness and development and team spirit utmost importance is given for these activities. The school has well maintained basketball, volleyball, throw ball courts, table tennis, chess rooms.

Activity oriented subjects like Dance, music vocal, instrumental (Violin, guitar, casio), Arts and crafts,painting, drawing are also part of the regular curriculum. Participation in these activities give the students opportunities for expressing their talents, skills and creativity.

control and coordination
Lost in Ecstasyyoga


NCC :has been introduced for the boys in 2001-2002 and for the girls during the academic session 2003-04. More than 200 students are trained every year by the officers of NCC Unit, manned by ANOs of the School to inculcate good qualities like discipline, helping nature and self confidence which are required for good citizens.

SCHOOL WEBSITE :( : This facility with the provision of Login ID to every parent will facilitate updated day to day information with regard to academics, non-academic, extra /co-curricular activities to reach the parents to keep them well informed about the school.

CCA Activities