CBSE School

Hindu Public CBSE school has well qualified and experienced teaching staff as well as activity coaches. They have the necessary expertise in dealing with the curriculum.
Pre-Primary teachers are specialized in early childhood education and are well versed with the latest teaching methodology.
Primary teachers are trained in their concerned subjects.
Teachers teaching senior classes are well versed in dealing with adolescent students. They also have adequate experience in preparing the students for the examination by Central Board of Secondary Education.
Teachers are selected through a procedure of Personal interview and classroom demonstration.
Opportunities are provided for the teachers to improve their skills while on the job of teaching.

This is done by :

  • Permitting them to enroll for courses outside the school
  • Encouraging them to attend Orientation classes and work shops, to give exposure to the latest educational technology to enable them to integrate it with the regular curriculum.

The Principal, T.RADHIKA is at the control of all academic as well as non-academic activities. In all academic activities she is ably supported by the Pre-Primary Incharge, the Academic Programme Incharge, Head of the Departments, Additional help classes incharges. In various non-academic activities she is supported by the talented and qualified staff namely the Accounts Incharge, Office Incharges, Reception Incharge,Transport Incharge, Special coaching Incharges.


Staff List

CBSE School